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A comprehensive guide on complying with Indian GST and e-invoicing system

 What's Inside -    

What is e-invoicing under GST?

Why do you need an e-invoice?

How can eligible businesses benefit from e-invoicing under GST?

Different types of transactions and how they are treated under e-invoicing?

How will e-invoicing affect different business functions?

What are the primary challenges businesses will face while implementing software for generating an e-invoice under GST?

How Sage X3 e-invoice module will help you?


GST (2)

The government is tightening the rules for e-invoicing under GST and penalizing companies that don’t comply with prescribed laws & regulations for sending and receiving electronic invoices. On the other hand, organizations face several challenges finding an automated e-invoicing solution consisting of essential modules to create error-free e-invoices.

This e-book will focus on e-invoicing under GST and the most crucial criteria you need to remember while selecting the best invoice automation solution for your business.